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CELEBRATING THE MOMENTS is Meredith Bay Colony Club’s unique Alzheimer’s Care and Memory Support Program that is provided in our State-of-the-Art, safe and secure memory support center that we call The GARDENS. The GARDENS is comprised of 24 all private apartments – each with its own bathroom and private shower. Dignity, Privacy, Safety and Security are the basic building blocks on top of which CELEBRATING THE MOMENTS is built.

Let there be no mistake about it --- Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that affects not just the individual – but the families who so often provide the needed ongoing support and care. The CELEBRATING THE MOMENTS program at The GARDENS at MBCC provides Members and their families not just the sense of security that comes from living in a safe, secure yet friendly residential setting – but also a rediscovered source of joy that can come from being in a setting that allows each Member to find a little bit of success each and every day --- to find something to be proud of and to find something to smile about!


1. We focus on all that a Person is right now and all that they can still be --- not on what they have lost or no longer can do.

2. We believe that each person is wonderfully complex and multi-dimensional including emotional, creative, inquisitive, musical, spiritual and physical aspects – in addition to cognitive and memory based functions. We recognize that although life will be different because of cognitive changes – that it can and should be as interesting, as stimulating and as much fun as possible.

3. We respect the need for some structure and predictability – but we celebrate spontaneity and the opportunity to discover new ways to help make people smile.

4. We believe in ‘seizing the moment’ even if that means upsetting the ‘schedule’. So what if we have lunch an hour late?

5. We respect the individual and acknowledge that there will be changes from month to month and from day to day. We realize that we need to constantly readjust our approach in order to meet our Member’s constantly changing needs.

6. Our Member’s Family are our friends and we realize that by supporting our Member’s families that we support our Members.

7. Our Staff Members are artists who wonderfully balance Caring and Creativity to meet not only the practical needs – but Quality of Life needs as well.

8. A safe and secure social setting that is open and welcoming to all Members is essential to creating an environment that is both fun and uplifting.

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Fri, Dec 24 2010 at 09:41am

The MBCC Goal:  Smiles!  We believe that great care begins and ends with smiles and we make it our goal to ensure that not only do we provide the best care – but that we do so in a way that generates smiles for Members and for Staff

 While a Smile is So Important………..

On this week’s  Radio Program “Aging Well” we discussed what was at the heart of Assisted Living at MBCC.   I mentioned how impressed I was with how Dr. William Thomas  -- the founder of the Eden Alternative – identified the three major problems of aging to be what he calls ‘Plagues’.  They are:  Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom.   The Eden Alternative has been a wonderful example of what needs to be done to totally transform both nursing homes and assisted living homes ---- but we want to take it a very important step further --- and at the same time we also want to make it easier to understand.  

 Dr. Thomas has showed us the importance of eliminating the negatives --- the 3 Plagues as he calls them.  At MBCC we don’t think that is enough --- we want to move to the positive!   At MBCC our goal is to create smiles!     Being happy is more than the result of the absence of problems.   We know that there are a hundred plus things that we need to do and be in order to provide the highest possible care – and we do those.   But if after doing all that we don’t generate smiles --- then it is clear that while we have done the right thing, we have done it  in the wrong way!

 Helping people smile isn’t about telling them jokes – and while humor might sometimes play a role --- it is typically a minor role.   It is not about creating a circus atmosphere --- but it is about discovering all the little things that we can do in the normal course of a day that make a personal connection --- that can please someone in an unexpected way.    While we are most certainly not opposed to people laughing out loud – we feel very satisfied when every good job ends with a smile.


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