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CELEBRATING THE MOMENTS is Meredith Bay Colony Club’s unique Alzheimer’s Care and Memory Support Program that is provided in our State-of-the-Art, safe and secure memory support center that we call The GARDENS. The GARDENS is comprised of 24 all private apartments – each with its own bathroom and private shower. Dignity, Privacy, Safety and Security are the basic building blocks on top of which CELEBRATING THE MOMENTS is built.

Let there be no mistake about it --- Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that affects not just the individual – but the families who so often provide the needed ongoing support and care. The CELEBRATING THE MOMENTS program at The GARDENS at MBCC provides Members and their families not just the sense of security that comes from living in a safe, secure yet friendly residential setting – but also a rediscovered source of joy that can come from being in a setting that allows each Member to find a little bit of success each and every day --- to find something to be proud of and to find something to smile about!


1. We focus on all that a Person is right now and all that they can still be --- not on what they have lost or no longer can do.

2. We believe that each person is wonderfully complex and multi-dimensional including emotional, creative, inquisitive, musical, spiritual and physical aspects – in addition to cognitive and memory based functions. We recognize that although life will be different because of cognitive changes – that it can and should be as interesting, as stimulating and as much fun as possible.

3. We respect the need for some structure and predictability – but we celebrate spontaneity and the opportunity to discover new ways to help make people smile.

4. We believe in ‘seizing the moment’ even if that means upsetting the ‘schedule’. So what if we have lunch an hour late?

5. We respect the individual and acknowledge that there will be changes from month to month and from day to day. We realize that we need to constantly readjust our approach in order to meet our Member’s constantly changing needs.

6. Our Member’s Family are our friends and we realize that by supporting our Member’s families that we support our Members.

7. Our Staff Members are artists who wonderfully balance Caring and Creativity to meet not only the practical needs – but Quality of Life needs as well.

8. A safe and secure social setting that is open and welcoming to all Members is essential to creating an environment that is both fun and uplifting.

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5 Steps to Successful Aging

Wed, Dec 07 2011 at 01:49pm

I called it my 5-5-5 Plan for how to Age and Retire Successfully.   A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to speak at ‘Ladies Night Out’ – a wonderful group of women who get together at the Gilford Community Church every other month or so for socialization, friendship and maybe even to learn a thing or two.  It is a very self directed group that doesn’t need a great deal of fanfare.  These are people who just enjoy getting together and it shows!

I’m often asked about what someone needs to do to age successfully.  Some people age ‘successfully’ and others do not – and contrary to what you might first think – it has nothing to do with your health or your wealth!   It has everything to do with your attitude.    People with very significant challenges in their lives can and do have great attitudes while those who seemingly ‘have it made’ can be very unhappy.    The good news is that there are things that we can do to help us age successfully.    All of the many people who I judge having ‘aged successfully’ share the following five traits which – traits which become examples for the rest of us.

To Age Successfully in this day and age you first need to become computer literate no matter how old you are.   Secondly you have to exercise.   Thirdly you need to volunteer.   Fourthly you must continually develop your sense of humor and lastly you must commit to being a life-long learner.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

The reason to be computer literate has nothing to do with creating spreadsheets or writing newsletters – it is so that you can stay in communication with others.   Being connected to others is important – and today being able to email is as important as it was in 1950 to have a telephone.   Yes you can live without it – but you do so at the risk of isolating yourself from family, friends and community. 

My older friends find exercise to be important not only for improved physical health – but for their mental health as well.  Increasingly many people also find their exercise program to be part of their social program.   It’s a great way for people to get together!

Volunteering isn’t just about helping others – it is about changing your own personal perspective.  People who volunteer see beyond themselves – beyond their own personal problems along with being able to enjoy the very real satisfaction of accomplishment that volunteering provides.

Why is developing a sense of humor so important?   It is about how we deal with frustration and disappointment.   If we cannot laugh at ourselves and some of the situations we find ourselves in – we can as easily become angry or depressed.    A good sense of humor not only protects us – but also makes us more interesting to others.

Lastly those who ‘Age Successfully’ are always lifelong learners.   They stay engaged in current events, they read, they learn new things and go different places.   Their focus is as much on how things are today and will be tomorrow as it is on how it was in times past.   Just like with exercise, many of my older friends use learning as a great social tool to get together. 

I didn’t add it to my list for ‘Gals Night Out’ but I strongly suspect that there is a sixth item that should be added --- Spirituality.   For some people this takes the form of organized religion while others explore their spirituality through meditation, nature or through study and reflection.   While spirituality clearly seems to be a part of successful aging – it is oftentimes a very personal aspect that is not always talked about.

Think that you are too old to change?   Horsefeathers!   I have helped more than a few 90+ year olds discover the fun of using email to stay in touch with their families to believe that any of us are too old to change!   What better time than as we get ready to say goodbye to one year and welcome the next – to be thinking of what we can do to make the next year even better!

The Gals from the Gilford Community Church know a very important but not very well kept secret:    An important part of the quality of our life comes not from what we ‘have’ to do --- but from what we ‘choose’ to do!  In coming together the way they do --- they have made a wonderful choice!

Age Well!

Howard Chandler has worked in elder services for over 35 years and is Vice-President of Meredith Bay Colony Club along with being a Partner of White Mountain Eldercare Solutions.  Your comments are always appreciated.   chandler@metrocast.net and at chandler@meredithbaycolonyclub.org and on Facebook.

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Thu, Jan 05 2012 at 08:53am

Hello Natalie --- Thank you for your comments........ there is something very special about working with elders --- and something especially remarkable about the wonderful group of Members and Staff that we have at MBCC! howie

Thu, Dec 29 2011 at 06:56pm

this is my first time looking at what you have posted. i also agree about you 5-5-5 plan. thank you for reminding me that getting old and working with the edlerly is very rewarding to me. natalie smith 12/29/11

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