Welcome to Meredith Bay Colony Club

Our residents typically have a personal connection to the Lakes Region (or want to).

Enjoy the daily beauty that the Lakes Region has to offer.

All the services and amenities you expect from a luxury retirement community

Schedule a visit. See for yourself why we are the best place to live in New Hampshire.

Enjoy the comforts of your residence and your community.

Bring your family.

An affordable Short Stay(respite) destination above any other.

Here we provide the setting for you to be just as busy as you want to be.

We cater to the active senior who wants freedom and convenience

Welcome to Meredith Bay Colony Club

At Meredith Bay Colony Club you will find all the services and amenities you expect from a luxury retirement community but at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise pay. At MBCC you have the best of all worlds, great location, great accommodations, a tremendous array of available services, security and both sociability and privacy when you want it!

Why our Retirement and Assisted Living Care Community is the Best

Price and flexibility:
We offer a 90% refundable entrance fee along with the lowest monthly fees that you will find.

Convenience and lifestyle on your terms:
At MBCC we cater to the way you want to live by providing the support for you to be just as busy as you want to be.

Our location, amenities and accommodations.
Our vibrant community ranges in age between 50 on up.
Our members come here seeking a maintenance-free, independent lifestyle in the NH lakes region, for both privacy and community.

We make available a full range of supportive services should you feel that you need it, and we fully respect your right to have the health care provider of your choice. Health care management at MBCC is always provided in a way that ensures your privacy and dignity while delivering the best care in the state of New Hampshire.

We are a wonderful alternative to any nursing home, as MBCC provides a full range of medical services designed to meet the needs of those with Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease or other dementia(s) within the setting of a luxury retirement community.

We are a not for profit retirement and assisted care community.

These are the reasons why Meredith Bay Colony Club is the best place to live in New Hampshire.

Take the tour here on our website, then schedule a visit and see for yourself.

We know that you cannot find a better, more affordable community anywhere else in New Hampshire!

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Couples here pay exactly the same as an individual.

Private housing and convenient and wonderful amenities are only the start.

Our Colony Home Care is a licensed homecare provider.

Meredith Bay Colony Club proudly makes available The LifeLine personal emergency response system that helps you to stay at home with a with a renewed sense of security.


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